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Tips for Surviving in Control

Control is the newest offering from Remedy Entertainment, most known for hit games like Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. If you've picked it up already, or are looking to start, here are our top tips on keeping yourself alive in this exciting new game.

In Control, you take the /control/ of heroine Jesse Faden, the newest director of the Federal Bureau of Control in NYC. Unfortunately for Jesse, the clandestine agency has been invaded by a paranormal threat. Now, it’s her job to get answers and explore the sprawling NYC building for clues. What a great start on the job huh?

The mix of telekinetic powers and gunplay may make it seem more challenging, but here are 5 quick tips that’ll help you make it through.

#1: Stay Mobile

Though you have the ability to take cover, it’s important to move from place to place to keep enemies from honing onto your location. Sprint to go fast and if you’re far enough, the Evade ability will do you wonders.

#2: Use the force Launch ability.

This skill is an absolute must-use. It allows you to pick up objects and hurl them telekinetically at enemies. One-shot enemy shields even at low levels with random office equipment. Even if it seems like there aren’t any objects are in range, Launch will rip up adjacent walls and the ground for projectiles.

#3: Seek the Objects of Power

Throughout the game, you’ll find seemingly ordinary household objects that’ll each have paranormal powers. These items will help you power up and learn telekinetic abilities but are often gated by an obstacle course of some sort. Don’t miss out on three (optional) Objects of Power in particular that’ll amp your mobility and defense in battle.

#4: Don’t go through the hassle of crafting mods

Not only do they take up your precious resources, you can’t even choose which ones you get! Plus, you can get more than enough mods from downed enemies.

#5: If you feel low level for an area, you just might be.

Control sorta follows the Metroid/Castlevania method of allowing you to visit certain places that may not let you through until you get a certain upgrade or level. Enemies may seem too strong or there may be an obstacle that you can’t get passed without a new power. Whenever you get new movement abilities, try backtracking and trying these areas again to get past them!

We hope these tips come in handy!

Not to toot our own horn, but we recommend the Arctis Pro Wireless headset on PC/PS4, and the Arctis 9X on Xbox, so you can hear all the gorgeously sinister soundscapes that Control has to offer.