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Arctis 7X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox

  • Designed for Xbox Series X|S and also compatible with Xbox One, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch
  • Lossless 2,4 GHz wireless audio designed for ultra-low latency gaming
  • Discord-certified ClearCast bidirectional microphone
  • Hear stunning detail in all next-gen games with award-winning sound
  • 24-hour battery life outlasts your longest gaming sessions

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Designed for Xbox Series X

Experience the next gen of wireless audio, battery life, comfort, and versatility on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and more.

Image of the A7X leaning against the new Xbox Series X

24-hour battery life

Best-in-class battery life with 24 hours of nonstop wireless usage, so you can game all day and night on a single charge.

Dual images of the arctis 7x headset to show that headset can be wireless no matter where you take it.

Wireless Everywhere

Extreme versatility

Game everywhere with the compact USB-C dongle for a seamless transition between Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Android, iphone, xbox one, xbox series x, and PC all showing connectivity to headset

Signature Arctis sound

With the same high-quality speaker drivers as the Arctis 7, the Arctis 7X emphasizes subtle sounds to give you an audio advantage in your favorite next-gen games.

In game with soldier's footsteps making noise and sound waves move out from his footfall

Micrófono con cancelación de ruido ClearCast

The retractable Discord-certified ClearCast microphone uses a bidirectional design, the same used by aircraft carrier deck crews for superior noise cancellation, making your voice sound clear and natural.

In game with soldier's footsteps making noise and sound waves move out from his footfall

Next-gen ready

SteelSeries offers multiple headsets compatible with the next-gen Xbox Series X|S, as well as Xbox One and other platforms.

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Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

  • Wireless USB
  • *ChatMix function only supported on Xbox


  • Wireless USB or USB-C

Nintendo Switch

  • Docked: Señal inalámbrica vía USB
  • Handheld: Wireless via USB-C
  • Switch Lite: Wireless via USB-C

PlayStation 4

  • Wireless USB

PlayStation 5

  • Wireless USB


  • Wireless USB-C
  • *While the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 fully supports audio over USB-C, earlier Galaxy phones only support streaming media but not voice chat

Controladores de Neodimio

40 mm

Respuesta de frecuencia de auriculares

20–20000 Hz

Sensibilidad de auriculares

98 dBSPL

Impedancia de los auriculares

32 Ohm

Distorsión armónica total de auriculares

< 3%

Control de volumen de auriculares

Auricular externo

Respuesta de frecuencia del micrófono

100–6500 Hz

Patrón de micrófono


Sensibilidad del micrófono

-38 dBV/Pa

Impedancia del micrófono

2200 Ohm

Ubicación del micrófono



40 ft, 12 m

Duración de la batería

24 horas

Guía de información del producto

Arctis 7X Headset

USB-C wireless transmitter

Cable de audio móvil

Charging cable

USB-C to USB-A adapter

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Also Compatible with PlayStation and Switch Feature supportedFeature supportedFeature supportedFeature not supported
ChatMix Dial (for Xbox only)Feature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature supportedFeature supported
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Ski Goggle Suspension Headband Feature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature supportedFeature supported
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Preguntas frecuentes

Is the Arctis 7X next-gen ready for Xbox Series X?

The Arctis 7X is optimized for the Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One. The USB-C dongle transmits a lossless 2,4 GHz signal for the best wireless signal possible. The USB-C dongle also allows for maximum cross-platform capability.

What is ChatMix?

ChatMix is a feature that allows you to control how much you hear Xbox game audio vs. how much you hear in-game chat from your teammates. The adjustment of ChatMix for the Arctis 7X can be easily adjusted using the control dial located on the right earcup.

Does the Arctis 7X use Bluetooth?

No, it uses something better: the same gaming-grade 2.4GHz wireless platform used in the Arctis 7 and Arctis Pro Wireless headsets. This gives you significantly better performance than Bluetooth. The audio is lossless instead of compressed for far better audio quality. It also has ultra-low latency so that you hear every sound as it happens on screen, as opposed to Bluetooth, which can have significant delays.

What if my device doesn’t have USB-C?

Don’t worry! The Arctis 7X includes an adapter cable that allows you to connect the wireless dongle to any traditional USB-A port. The functionality is completely identical whether connecting to USB-A with the adapter or natively to a USB-C jack.

Why is voice chat not available on older Samsung Galaxy phones?

Samsung Galaxy phones prior to the Galaxy Note 10 do not have voice functionality via USB-C for any peripherals at this time. This means that you can hear your media such as games, music, and videos, but will not be able to use any USB-C products for voice calls or voice chat. We are hopeful that Samsung adds this functionality in future updates.

My headset has sound for Xbox, but not for other devices?

On the USB-C dongle there is a switch that toggles between two different modes: one mode for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, the other mode for all other devices. Make sure that your USB-C dongle is toggled to the correct wireless mode, especially if it is working with your Xbox. For more help or trouble shooting please check the product information guide or contact support.